People & Location

Alcon Canada's location was established in 1959 in Don Mills, Toronto where it marketed a small number of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. Since that time, Alcon Canada has grown into Canada's largest eye care company.

Alcon Canada Inc. Today, our Canadian headquarters are located in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. The facility occupies a 92,000 square foot office/warehouse complex, sitting on a 10.5 acre property where more than 220 Alcon associates dedicate themselves to delivering a full range of ophthalmic surgical equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical products for eyes and ears as well as vision care products for the eye. Alcon Canada supports ophthalmologists, optometrists, otolaryngologists and general practitioners as well as hospitals, clinics and other healthcare delivery providers related to both the eye and ear. Responsible for this support is our dedicated sales team and technical staff of over 120 across the country and approximately 95 people at our head office and warehouse.

Alcon Canada's mission is the preservation and restoration of sight.

We will accomplish this by empowering our associates to work in partnership with Healthcare Professionals to develop and deliver innovative solutions and technologies which meet our customers' needs - now and in the future.

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